Inspirational Spotlight: John Tosin Adekunle

How one Nigerian author is using his gifts to make a difference in his community.

Inspirational Spotlight: John Tosin Adekunle

God-fearing, fearless, and courageous are a few characteristics to describe Author John Tosin Adekunle. John Tosin Adelunle teaches aspiring authors how to unleash the writer from within themselves and publish their books. John, who goes by the pen name JTA is from Nigeria, Africa. JTA was recently selected as author of the Week by Ifeadigo Publishing Company. In addition, JTA is a motivational speaker, mentor, and student. As much as he pours into others, he understands the necessity of being poured into. In other words, JTA is a great follower, inspiring him to be an amazing servant-leader. JTA acknowledges that his successes are predicated on the Grace of GOD. In everything that JTA does, rather personally or professionally, he does it all for the glory of GOD.

Leticia Starks-Underwood: Who is John Tosin Adekunle? 

John Tosin Adekunle: John Tosin Adekunle, with the pen name JTA, is a Christian, an Inspirational Writer, Author, Bookclub Owner, and a Reading & Writing Coach from Nigeria. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: When did you become a writer? 

John Tosin Adekunle: What is the title of your first published work?

John Tosin Adekunle: I started writing in 2014. And the title of my first book is Why You Shouldn't Celebrate Your Birthday. It was published in 2021. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood:Who or what is your number one inspiration behind your writing?

John Tosin Adekunle:The pain I experienced after the death of my dad in 2011 at age 12 inspired me to start writing. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood:You recently published your second book. Share with us the name of your book and what it is about.

John Tosin Adekunle:The title of the second book is Unleashing Your Reading Power. The book aims to help students and people struggling with reading develop their reading skills and learn how to select the right books for personal growth. The book was also written to help individuals improve their comprehension rate, enhance their reading speed, and hone their writing skills. Lastly, I wrote the book to help readers monetize their reading skills, grow their self-esteem and build a legacy of knowledge and impact on Earth. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood:What role does your faith in GOD play in your writing and in your life? 

John Tosin Adekunle:My faith in God has helped me gain more clarity on my unique identity as a writer, and why I'm writing—to glorify Jesus and become a channel of solution to people who are struggling with low self-esteem, lack of vision, and poor reading and writing skills. Without the inspiration of God's Spirit, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to write my books and communicate light and life to people through my writing. My faith in God is my greatest advantage as a writer. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood:What are some challenges or obstacles that you have overcome as a writer? 

John Tosin Adekunle:The first challenge I felt as a writer was the loneliness of writing for hours and how that nobody seemed to applaud me for my writing. Facebook made it worst in that I'd post my content online with few or no likes and comments on my posts. It used to be a depressing moment for me. The second was the fear of rejection and what people would say. I used to be afraid of sharing my written content with people or even online, because I felt my writing skill was poor. I was afraid of making mistakes. But access to the right mindset, classes, and writing coaches has taught me how to overcome those challenges. The third challenge was the use of writing tools. I wrote my first and second books using my Android Smartphone. I struggled to use my phone whereas a laptop would have done it better. The last challenge was insufficient financial resources to register for professional writing classes, promote my books adequately, and pay for premium coaching sessions with experts in the writing industry. Despite the challenges, I didn't give up. Rather, I saw them as an opportunity to grow and build character, patience, and consistency. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: What encouragement would you give aspiring writers who may be fearful of writing or publishing books?

John Tosin Adekunle: The first word is START! Start by developing the right mindset to help you become a better writer daily. Your mind is greater than your pen. Start by defining your short-term goals, long-term goals, and overall goals—and how you will accomplish them. Start by registering for writing classes and getting a writing coach early. Start by joining a writing community or getting a writing accountability partner. Start by watching insightful videos on how to write diligently. Start by finding your writing niche—and build your personal brand—while gaining authority there. Start by reading great books that'll help you become an exceptional writer. Please, read voraciously. Start by writing daily with discipline before you delve into book writing and publishing. Learn sales and marketing, too. When you master the art of writing with a well-defined audience and business insights, book writing becomes a walk in the park. Start writing with what you have: your pen and paper, your smartphone, and your laptop. Fear and self-doubt will often sneak into your heart. Just start! The goal is to make daily progress. Lastly, don't forget to start with God. He owns you and your writing. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: Where can your ebook be purchased? 

John Tosin Adekunle: My first book can be acquired on selar via 

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