Inspiring Youth of Today

Taking action to make a difference in the world is the goal of one student.

Inspiring Youth of Today

This month’s Inspiring Youth of Today graduate from Cornerstone Christian College Prep under Founder and Headmaster Dr. Oscar J. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood as Co-Valedictorian and will attend St. Mary’s College on a full-ride scholarship. Keziah is a rare and beautiful person that stands out amongst her peers. Keziah understands that all her successes, endeavors, gifts, and intellect come from GOD. Her relationship with GOD is what keeps her determined and influences what she does.  Keziah has a heart for helping people and doesn’t like seeing other people hurting. Keziah knows GOD has placed greatness in her to make the world a better place; therefore, she knows she’s obligated to serve others.  Keziah is a true expression of leadership in and out of the classroom. Keziah is such a standout student that she grabbed the attention of many universities and colleges that offered her hundreds of thousands of dollars to have her attend their university or college.  Keziah William is the daughter of Kecia Williams and is set to accomplish some amazing things in her lifetime. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: Who is Keziah, and what is her story?

Keziah Williams: My name is Keziah Williams. I am 18 years old and will attend Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame in the fall. I graduated Co-Valedictorian of the Class of 2023 from Cornerstone Christian College Preparatory School, founded by Dr. Nelson Dowdell – Underwood

Leticia Starks-Underwood: What do you want people to learn from your life? 

Keziah Williams: From my life, I want people to learn how not to allow challenges, circumstances, or any life obstacles to hinder them from being and doing all they desire to be and do. I want people to learn from my life how to be resilient, ambitious, and determined. I want people to learn about my passion for Medicine and Healthcare, but also about Dr. NDU, who helped me to tap into the many possibilities inside of me to give GOD all the glory out of my life so that I can show others how to do the same. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: What do you plan to study at St. Mary’s and why? 

Keziah Williams: At Saint Mary’s, I plan to study Biology or Chemistry with a minor in Neuroscience on a Pre-Med track. I plan to study these subjects because I have a huge passion for medicine and healthcare. I also plan to study these subjects so that I can be well-equipped and prepared for Medical School. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood: What are some of your dreams and aspirations?

Keziah Williams: My dream is to become a Doctor, specifically a Surgeon specializing in Neurology. My other dreams and aspirations are to open a hospital.  It will be named “Williams Possible Hospital,” and a Medical Plaza called Possibilistic Medical Plaza, or I might edit it later. My dream is to have medical plazas worldwide and give humanity hope. 

Leticia Starks-Underwood:  Can you tell our readers about your journal and why you decided to create a journal?

Keziah Williams: My journal is called S.F.M., which stands for Self-Reflection, Focus, and Manifestation. I decided to create this journal as a way for people to further understand themselves and who GOD created them to be. The title of my Journal is in a specific order S.F.M because you have to first Self-Reflect about who you are and whose you are. Then you have to focus on your self-reflection and about where you have been and then where you are going. Last, you have to manifest what you self-reflected and focused on to manifest it into your life to become who GOD created you to be, all for HIS Glory.

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