Why Africa should be your next travel destination in 2022

Why Africa should be your next travel destination in 2022
Maasai people of Kenya and North Tanzania.

Whether you are an internal tourist or a first timer in Africa, you will not get enough of this continent. Africa is the land of all that attracts the eyes and creates memories. Magical Africa ranges from the diversity of its people, amazing cultures, its historical sites, suitable climate and wild animals. All that will make you proud of your visit.

Just a recap even though this blog was not intended as a history article, Africa was a name used by the early Greeks to refer to the continent. The original name for Africa was Alkebulan. The continent is also considered the cradle of mankind.

Apart from its physical features and wildlife, some people visit Africa to see its historical sites. Countries like Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Benin, Mali, etc. were at one time holding great importance in world civilization-building.

Just a month ago, Tanzanian president, Mama Samia Suluhu gave the world all the reasons to visit her country. Through a documentary, ‘The Royal Tour’, intended to boost tourism in Tanzania, she showcased the beauty of Tanzania.

It’s complicated to comprehend that Africa has been portrayed by the foreign press as a backward, warring and poor continent yet it is the richest in minerals and raw materials, not forgetting its unmatched hospitality.

The story should change. Lord Laro, a Jamaican musician, in his song, Foreign Press, sings:

“You know our sportsmen are rated amongst the best,

there is nothing about that in the foreign press,

all the lovely buildings which show our progress,

there is nothing about that in the foreign press,

but a little shanty town and a woman in a raggy dress,

bet your life it making headline in the foreign press”

13 best places to visit on your next trip to Africa

#1. Have fun in Cape Town, South Africa

#2. Experience the mystical Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

#3. Learn about ancient black Egyptian history at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

#4. Experiencing Swahili culture in East Africa

#5. Enjoy Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

#6. Go on a safari in Kenya’s National parks and game reserves

#7. Watch the great wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania

#8. Take a beach vacation to the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique

#9. Explore the Beauty of Lake Malawi

#10. Find Serenity by the Sea and the Sahara of Tunisia

#11. Have fun in Mauritius sands and luxe resorts

#12. Escape the world through the Islands of Seychelles

#13. You may also consider a safari at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania