Driven by Determination: Eirie’Onna’s Inspiring Journey to Early Graduation

Driven by Determination: Eirie’Onna’s Inspiring Journey to Early Graduation

Eirie’Onna shines as a remarkable testament to the power of resilience. Eirie’Onna’s narrative or story is one of hope, triumph, and inspiration. Eirie’Onna’s determination and trust in God propelled her to be able to graduate a year early. Eirie’Onna is a beacon of possibilities and encouragement, demonstrating that determination and faith can overcome obstacles. Despite facing numerous challenges, she never gave up. As a light bearer of Christ, she has been chosen to do marvelous work for the Kingdom of God, inspiring others with her resilience and unwavering faith. Eirie’Onna will make a tremendous impact in the world for CHRIST. Eirie’Onna and her life will be a testament to many who would have given up if they hadn’t met her. Eirie’Onna is a 2024 graduate of Cornerstone Christian College Prep Day and High in Fort Wayne, Indiana, founded by Dr. Oscar J. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood. 

Leticia: Who is Eirie’Onna? Can you share your high school journey with us? 

Eirie’Onna: My name is Eirie’Onna Scruggs, and I am a young African American teenager who desires to become the person the Lord guides me to be. My high school journey is none like any other; my high school journey has led me towards GOD-Class excellence, and when I say GOD-Class excellence, I mean the only type of excellence you can receive from GOD’S Kingdom. 

Leticia: You graduated from C-prep GOD’S I Am Possible School of Hope. How has Dr. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood and C-Prep changed your life?

Eirie’Onna:  Dr. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood and C-Prep have changed my life by introducing me to GOD’S word. Leading me to GOD’S word has only led me to a blessed life, and I know I haven’t seen anything yet; this is just the beginning. 

Leticia: What’s one life principle that you will carry with you for the rest of your life, based on what you learn from Dr. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood and C-Prep? 

Eirie’Onna: One life principle I will carry with me for the rest of my life would have to be Latin (NON, DUCOR, DUCO). I am not led; I lead. 

Leticia: How did C-Prep’s GOD’S I Am Possible School of Hope fostered your relationship with GOD and yourself? 

Eirie’Onna: C-Prep’s GOD I Am Possible School of Hope has fostered my relationship with GOD and myself by teaching me that in learning to love GOD, you learn to love yourself because GOD is love. 

Leticia: What are your dreams and aspirations? 

Eirie’Onna: My dreams and aspirations are to become the best real estate agent I can be while introducing others to the LORD. 

Leticia: Did you face any obstacles or challenges during your high school years? How did you overcome them?

Eirie’Onna: Yes, I did face obstacles and challenges in high school, and the best way to say that I overcame them was never losing faith in GOD and HIS plan for my life. 

Leticia: In light of the challenges facing young high school students today and the uncertainties surrounding their future, what advice would you offer them? 

Eirie’Onna: The best advice to give is to believe in GOD, believe in yourself, and never lose sight or faith in what’s to come. 

Leticia: How has anointed technology caused you to self-discover and activate your personal possibilities so that you can make the difference in life after C-Prep? 

Eirie’Onna: Anointed technology has caused me to self-discover and activate my personal possibilities to make a difference in life after C-Prep by allowing me to bless others and showcase GOD’S Glory. 

Leticia: How do you plan to make a difference in life with your gifts and abilities? 

Eirie’Onna: I plan on making a difference by introducing to others what Dr. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood has placed in me and becoming a Real Estate Boss so that I can help people out by giving them a home that they can love and be comfortable in and placing them in an environment where there’s no negativity. 

Leticia: If GOD had not given C-Prep the Grace of Anointed Technology, what would have happened to me? 

Eirie’Onna: If GOD hadn’t revealed to me, through Dr. Oscar J. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood, what Anointed Technology is, I would be somewhere not knowing who I am and believing I need artificial intelligence.