The reverse engineering of patriarchy through racism sexism xenophobia etc

Black Men Black Women Relationships

The reverse engineering of patriarchy through racism sexism xenophobia etc

The narratives of racial and sexual dominance are highly patriarchal and gendered,

Played out by bad actors via culture wars aimed at either those hated, exploited or who needed to be controlled.

Usually by framing white men themselves as the defenders and targeting ethnic groups, labelling them illegal ,economic nonconforming, exploitative migrants. regardless of status? But not always by sex or colour as we saw with Ukraine.and the likes of Suella's proximity to power!

Also pushing their agenda by using androgynous language and  attacking pronoun's via gender based stereotypes of both men & women, which in turn allows for the animosity and almost unresponsive intolerance and even normalisation of violence against the equality and hard earned freedom's for Women and the LGBTQ communities.

So let's see how such messaging creates divisions and can spill over, 

I came across this generalised facebook post below which on the face of it seems harmless enough and when posted was well received by the persons mainly female followers, but a couple of guys even gave it the thumbs up?

So in general it was an acceptable opinion which seemed to aimed by black woman at black men, not exactly sure how you will define or quantify?

However it kinda intuitively allows us to take a look at the ideology of patriarchy, how  its engineered and subsequent subversive messaging permeates through Racism Chauvinism Sexism Xenophobia etc,.

Now hopefully without me, sounding like I'm coming from the manosphere of patriarchal racialised & sexuallised expressions engineered almost as reverse racism or misogyny etc!

As remember none of these social constructs exists in a vacuum, without the outcome for winners and losers!

Here is the women's post.....

""So many men spend their years damaging women & then when they're ready to settle they want a woman who's not damaged.""

And a hyperbole of some men's response might've been?

"Many black modern women are so independent, so self-sufficient. They just don’t need a man apparently?! And for some it just seems their entire personalities project an "I don't need a man" message. So they end up without one.

I was perfectly great before I met her he may have thought ,non damaging and quite interesting:) He was very attracted to her but came to think this sister makes very little space for me in her life."

She is so busy killing it, with either career, kids, house, etc so no time for me he thinks?

Way too busy to prepare me a home-cooked meal or to be a listening ear for my concerns because he thinks she is so occupied with her own. 

Soon they use each other for uncommitted sex since -- to him -- she appears unavailable for anything else. Both blind to the part they are playing in the problem, and then she ends up thinking, "Men only ultimately want only to do one thing, damage women"

So she decides she's better off putting her energy into her life, the house kids degree etc than the relationship/friendship

And he moves on and for the main part is considered not serious.!

Well a fighting spirit is important for both men and women on the battlefields, but a gentler spirit is wanted and needed by both on the homefront.

Now many women and men are winning the abject culture wars, but losing the objective home,

Making it tricky to navigate the life satisfaction and equality for both black women and men,

While from the offset such narratives running through anything from educational exsclutions to judicial criminalisation have held to many back, indeed in many aspects black women have taken up the slack, despite overcoming their own similar negative narratives that can lead to poor health care, housing job opportunities etc.

And still black mens manhood is so often actively challenged in society with not just racism but toxic masculinity there are so many complexities and nuances to overcome.

So in parting life may not always allow you to take the straight line between two points.
You may have to stoop to conquer or yield to win. In too many cases you may have to sacrifice being right in order to enjoy being loved.