Brown Sugar 2 Shezzie Tour

Brown Sugar 2 Shezzie Tour

Brown Sugar 2 Shezzie Tour

Pauline Caitlin known as Shezzie of “Brown Sugar” fame, recently took us on her musical journey at the cozy Pizza Express Live. We were ready and waiting to be taken back in time, where finding the right twin set to match the pleated skirt was a must.

She didn’t disappoint. Running through songs like “Hello Stranger”, “I’m So Proud”, “Our Reggae Music” “Black Pride” and “Love with A Dreadlocks” which had the crowd singing and swaying along. We loved the live “rewinds” and the “pull-ups” and called for them – often. You know, when it's nice, you play it twice.

We also heard newer songs like “I Shall Wear A Crown”, “Catch The Boat” and “Satta Massagana” which we all loved.

One of her most recent songs an adaptation from the musical “Showboat”, “Can’t Help Lovin Dat Man”, was the highlight of the night. The audience greatly appreciated the reggae remake, still retaining its blues feel.

 Shout out to the band who provided that much-needed vibe on the night and in their own right are an integral part of our music scene.

Ciyo Brown (MD)

Andrew Young (Keys)

Calvin Bennion (Keys)

Carla Lou One Drop (Drums)

Fish Brown (Bass)

Celia Wickam Anderson (BV’s)

Jasnet Lindo (BV’s)

Sharon Niles (BV’s)  

Catch the Brown Sugar 2 Shezzie Tour when it comes to a town near you.