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Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes is an original and ground-breaking platform which has been developed to promote Reggae culture globally. Its central focus is to showcase emerging artists within the genre to display their full range skills, be it singing, toasting or deejaying. Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes also provides the space for established musicians to further enhance their profile, in order that Reggae lovers of all ages can gain access to high quality material and content instantaneously. Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes began its journey as a Youtube Channel in 2009, when its founder, Karl 'Don' Sinclair started uploading audio and visual recordings of Reggae events, that otherwise would have been lost to history. After recognising the importance of his archival work, YouTube offered Karl the opportunity to make his channel an official partner in 2015. This afforded Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes to have exclusive access to the facilities at YouTube Space studios in London, for the production of his celebrated content to thrive. The reputation Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes has attracted the attention of well known and well respected purveyors of Reggae music, such as Winston Francis – a collaborator and contemporary of Bob Marley and Sir Coxsone – one of the original Sound Systems to bring Reggae music to the UK, in addition to Burro Banton, Junior Cat, Eek-A-Mouse, Dawn Penn, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Dennis Bovell, A.J Franklin and others. Using the facilities at the YouTube Space Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes have become adept at producing professional content that has been well received by a growing audience around the world, particularly in reference to live events such as festivals, concerts and Sound Clashes. Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes are pioneers in establishing strict rules of conduct for Sound Clash competitors, which has created a culture of tolerance, respect and unity. Moreover, all videos are reviewed by YouTube before release to ensure that all the required community guidelines are adhered to. These measures have developed an inclusive pathway for Sound system culture to be maintained and celebrated without loss to its authenticity, meaning and cultural heritage. Don Sinclair Reggae Vibes continues to put on dances, free community events and exhibitions to further celebrate and preserve Reggae and Sound System culture. We have also been nominated for a number of awards and in 2022 we received the Stereograph Media Award for our services in promoting Sound System Culture worldwide.

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