Faith and Possibilistic Perseverance: The Journey of Cornerstone Christian College Prep's 2024 Valedictorian

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Faith and Possibilistic Perseverance: The Journey of Cornerstone Christian College Prep's 2024 Valedictorian

A young lady who exemplifies the quiet strength and unwavering faith of a true warrior for GOD is who Amiyah Dates has become and will continue to become. Although some may say she is quiet, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Destined to spread hope across the globe, she uses her gifts and talents to inspire and uplift those around her. Acknowledging that her academic achievements are a result of GOD’S anointing on her intellect. She stands out among her peers by her driven profound hunger for knowledge and a deep desire to make a difference in the world. Amiyah knows that GOD is the cornerstone of all her successes; therein, is why she is able to accomplish and make remarkable deposit in the earth realm. There’s no doubt that Amiyah is make a tremendous impact after Cornerstone Christian College Prep Day and High School (C-Prep) located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, founded by Dr. Oscar J. Nelson Dowdell-Underwood. 

Leticia: Who is Amiyah, and can you share your high school journey with us?

Amiyah: I would describe myself as a young woman of GOD who is committed to excellence and pursuing her dreams and purpose all for the Glory of GOD. My high school career began about a year into covid and during a time when so many were lost and without hope, GOD used Dr. Nelson Dowdell – Underwood to open up C-prep’s cyber campus. During this time GOD sustained, protected, and advanced my education and me as a person. I was able to learn at levels that I had never imagined before, and I was able to find myself and my purpose. During my high school career, no matter the challenge GOD has always had a plan to ensure that I walk in all that HE has called me to walk in.

Leticia: What role has Dr. Oscar Nelson Dowdell-Underwood and C-Prep played in shaping who you are?

Amiyah: C-Prep and Dr. Underwood have played a major role in my development. My whole educational career so far has been at C-Prep. So many of the values, standards, and morals I hold myself to today have been developed because of Dr.NDU and the staff at C-Prep, this is something I am very thankful for because I have a firm foundation as I progress in life understanding that all I do is for the Glory of GOD and the help and hope of nations.

Leticia: What has been your greatest life lesson from Dr. Oscar Nelson Dowdell-Underwood?

Amiyah: Dr. Oscar Nelson Dowdell-Underwood has taught me many valuable things that I will forever take with me and value in life, but I can say that one of the most important things I have learned is to never apologize for excellence and to never lower the standards that GOD has placed in my life. 

Leticia: How has C-Prep GOD’S I Am Possible School of Hope fostered your relationship with GOD and yourself?

Amiyah: C-Prep has played a significant role in my relationship with GOD and Myself. It was at C-Prep that the value of my relationship with GOD developed in order for me to have the firm foundation I have my faith I have in GOD today. Along with that, it was also at C-Prep that I learned that I must love myself before I can love others and also love myself and see myself the way GOD sees me despite what the world may say or the opinions of others. C-Prep gave me a firm foundation in my faith and understanding of who I am and whose I am, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Leticia: Can you share some of your high school accomplishments and awards?

Amiyah: Deans List, Honor Roll, Girl Ambassador Award, Best Girl Award, National Honors Society, I too Have A Dream Essay Presentation, Ambassador of the Week, and Virtual Volunteerism & Global Internship 

Leticia: Can you share how your faith has shaped your journey through high school and how you see it influencing your future endeavors?

Amiyah: During high school, my faith strengthened when so many began to find themselves, and some got lost. I found myself learning more about GOD and understanding that if I were going to succeed, it would be because my faith was in GOD as I pursued my dreams. I will never forget to put GOD first because only what is done for HIM will last. During hard times, one of the things that kept me going was my faith in GOD and understanding that my success would not just be for myself.

Leticia: What obstacles or challenges have you faced during high school, and how did you overcome them?

Amiyah: One of the biggest obstacles during my high school career was getting out of my way. I often struggled with self-doubt and not believing I could do something. Through the encouragement of those around me and my faith in CHRIST, I could see and understand that GOD would never allow me to encounter something that HE didn’t give me the power to overcome. My faith was strengthened, and I was able to build myself up and understand that nothing is impossible; therefore, if I’m encountering a problem, whether it be self-doubt, self-esteem, or something school-related, I can overcome it as long as I understand that I am possible, and GOD loves me.

Leticia: You were skipped twice. How were you able to do that, and how has it encouraged you to pursue your dreams? 

 Amiyah: I believe my being skipped twice was a direct result of GOD’S Grace at work in my life, as well as honoring the process and the protocol of C-Prep and being determined to do great things in life in order to make an impact for GOD’s Glory. I would say that being skipped furthered my determination to pursue my dreams because it showed me that no matter my age, anything that GOD has called me to do is possible with HIM.

Leticia: What advice would you give high school students who endeavor to do great things in their lifetime?

Amiyah: The first thing I would say is honor those whom God has placed in your life; I was taught that honor gives you access, and when you are willing to show gratitude to those whom GOD uses, you can receive more and tap into more of the greatness hidden inside of you. I would also say never to stop believing when you might not physically be able to see something, but GOD will give you the Grace to Imagine it, and as long as you believe and place your faith in HIM, anything is possible.

Leticia: How has Anointed Technology caused you to self-discover and activate your personal possibleness so that you can make a difference in life after C-Prep?

Amiyah: Anointed technology has caused me to be able to see deeper dimensions of myself beyond what at one point I thought was possible, and in that, I was able to receive more knowledge from those GOD used to educate me, and therefore with greater awareness and knowledge I was able to imagine more for myself, and I was a result, as I prepare for life after C-Prep I am preparing to make a significant difference in our lives of many, including those who GOD used to prepare me.

Leticia: If GOD had not given C-Prep the Grace of Anointed Technology, what would have happened to me?

Amiyah: If I had not been blessed with this miracle, I would not have been able to tap into all that GOD had for me, I would not have been able to meet my cohorts in the Philippines, and like many others around the world I would not have hope in a time where it was most needed, and not understand the true purpose of  Technology and the fact that GOD created me to make a Global Impact. I thank GOD for C-Prep and the one-of-a-kind education I receive and for the blessing of being taught by Dr. Nelson Dowdell–Underwood and the C-Prep staff. It has made all the difference in building my character and the foundation of my future.

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